Romania to Bangladesh via Hamburg and river channels January 2015

Unishipping International Ltd has started the New Year with a project from Romania to Bangladesh. Most of cargo part of this project has been collected in Hamburg as a hub for shipping on a ocean going vessel to Chittagong, so our task was to deliver 2 pieces with unit dimensions 12.30 x 4.48 x 4.48m/32t from Tecuci, Romania to Hamburg Port. These dimensions exclude totally the trucking from eastern side of the Europe to western side, so multimodal transport was the key here via Danube-Rhine-Main river channels. Cargo has been delivered by extendable lowbed trailers to Ruse river port on Danube in Bulgaria, transshipped on river vessel with destination Regensburg, Germany with further transshipment onto Rhine river vessel to Hamburg where the goods would be loaded on ocean going vessel. This winter period of the year is a challenging task for all kind of transport especially via river where ice in northern part of channels occurs almost every year. Fortunately this was not our case.